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Swimming Pool Termomergulhador “Exchanger”

4Another innovative product developed by IONIZHEAT

Save 96% in electricity consumption on heating your pool

After three years of research on heating of swimming pools we conclude that there is where the filtering pump consumption, to make the transfer of the temperature of the heat exchanger to the pool water, is higher than the energy cost of heating.

I knew that to heat your pool is usually necessary to the operation of the filtration pump, what happens in cycles of ± 10:0 daily, with an average filtering pump power translates to a daily consumption of ± 15 Kw.

With our termomergulhador, to warm up under the same working 10:0 will have a daily intake of just 0.6 Kw, without the need of filtration pump work simultaneously, this saving translates into 96% less without changing the ph of the water and filtering the hours required.

Can be applied with solar panels, heat pumps, boilers (diesel, gas ect.), termionize ect.

  • Easy, simple and discreet installation
  • All in stainless steel 316
  • Maintenance free
  • Guarantee 5 years


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