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Real-life Case

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Running costs for heating a swimming pool

Located in Paderne Algarve Portugal – Holiday Village Vila do Ouro

Two pools one containing 68,000lts and a child’s poll containing 7000lts of water

Both pools are open air only covered at night by a standard roll up pool cover.

Installed is a “Ionisol Hybrid pool heater” (combination solar+ionization ) with three vacuum tube solar panels

Date operational Water temperature
05/04/2013 18° C start temp.
09/04/2013 26° C required operational temp.

The water temperature remained stable at 26° C till 12/10/2014 – winter shut down.

*Water temperature refers to temperature in both pools.

The boiler is fitted with an energy consumption counter.

The ionization boiler is programmed to operate only during off peak hours.
For the rest of the day period heating id provided by the solar panels which maintains the water temperature.
At the end of the season (05/04/2013 to 12/10/2013) the consumption was recorded as 950KW ­at 0,0955€ = 90,72€ electricity used.