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Vacuum Tube Panels

1 WATT CPC 15 Vacuum tube solar panel

WATT CPC vacuum solar panels are high efficiency and a modern source of heat.

Are used for domestic hot water and central heating support: simple homes and multi-family, hotels, hostels, health centres, as well as the pool water heating.

The high-performance and energy all year grants a huge efficiency and a spot at the top of most choices regarding investments in solar panels in various countries.

Watt CPC solar panels are characterized by superior quality, durability and high performance, confirmed by many certificates.



  • Workflow through copper tubes placed directly on glass vacuum tubes, allowing a faster reaction of the Panel.
  • Perfect isolation due to double-walled glass tubes with vacuum between them.
  • Parabolic mirror reflector, absorbs and diffuses the radiation coming from different angles.
  • High efficiency in autumn and winter, in spite of low outdoor temperatures
  • Certificates: DIN CERTCO Solar Keymark, EN-12 975
  • 10 years guarantee


The vacuum system ensures superior performance, regardless of weather conditions, while the highly reflective parabolic mirror optimizes the capture of solar energy.

WATT CPC 15 Vacuum tube Solar Panel
Width/Height/Depth 1765/1935/122 mm
Weight 54 kg
Collector area 3,544 m2
Catchment area 3,174 m2
Pickup Aluminum nitride 95% / 5%
Copper pipe system U-pipe
Isolation Vacuum/Isover
Coefficient of efficiency ETA 0 = 0,573
Average flow of the Panel 1,5 l/min.
Heat loss coefficient 1,24 W/(m2K)
Coating Aluminium
Useful life 25 years
Standards/Certificates EN 12975 / SOLAR KEYMARK
Max Working pressure 10bar
Stagnation temperature 304˚C