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ionizheatl15TERMIONIZE – Boiler

The extreme simplicity of this eco-friendly heating system allows a considerable saving on the user’s energy bill: up to 50% compared to a diesel or gas boiler butane/propane.

  • Maintenance-free: Only the primary circuit fluid should be replaced every 4/5 years and the electrodes of the ionisation Rod be changed every 20 years.
  • Aesthetic and discreet: mural installation of small size (100 x 62,5×26).
  • Silent: the Assembly inside the housing or close-circuit use allow a considerable reduction of thermal losses of the installation;
  • Reliable: without the use of electrical resistance and thanks to its mechanical equipment, the boiler is designed in such a way that the risk of failure is practically null.
  • With 5 years warranty, the same work for much longer thanks to the simplicity of the system.
  • Efficient: effectiveness of 100% regardless of the outside temperature.
  • Eco-friendly: contains no harmful products. Closed-loop operation and without CO2 emission


Comparative table TERMIONIZE with other systems:

TERMIONIZE Heat pump Diesel Gas Convectors
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