Ionisol – Solar Energy + Ionization

ionizheatl10“Hybrid pool Heater” & “Hybrid pool Heater multifunctional” (solar energy + ionization)

This machine is designed for the heating of swimming pools, central heating and sanitary water (depending on the model).

The working principle for ionization allows you to control the temperature and the operating hours for better power management.

The solar system depending on the number of installed panels allows a significant energy reduction of 60 to 75% in the heating of the swimming pool and 40 to 55% in the central heating.

This machine is fitted with a power meter which allows the user to view in real time the consumption so you can make better management of energy costs.

Ecological boiler, without emission of gases, compact, silent, stainless ASI316 which allows to be installed in the engine room next to filter for less energy losses.

NOTE: the ambient temperature as well as humidity has no influence on the performance and smooth operation of the machine.

Model Supply voltage Power of debit
15K Single-phase 230V 15kw + solar
27K Three-phase 400V 19kw + solar
46K Three-phase 400V 36kw + solar

These powers are available in models “Hybrid pool Heater” and “Hybrid pool Heater multifunctional”