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Energy Costs Ionization


Observing the graph drawn up on the basis of data provided by DGEG-Directorate General of energy and geology, the evolution in the prices of diesel and heating of butane/propane gas bottle for the past 2 years. Between January 2010 and January 2011 there is an increase of 23% to 25% and butane gas to propane. In the same period the heating Gasoil had an increase of 67%.

In contrast, the variation in the price of electricity in 2010/2011 had an increase of 4% in the rate of sale to the end customer, information available in the portal of ERSE-regulatory authority for energy services.

This assessment allows us to observe that the evolution of the electricity tariff is not included in the price developments of fuel vapor, ever-growing trend and subject to external instability factors.


All IONIZHEAT equipment offer an energy counter

With an efficiency of almost 100% and given the low cost of electricity when compared with the increasing cost of fossil fuels, the ionization heating system ensures the heating with a reduced energy costs increase over time, favoring the quick depreciation of the installation.

On the other hand, and unlike traditional solutions of gas heating or diesel, whose use requires the purchase and prior storage with its draw of capital, the electricity is paid after consuming.