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Proven Savings Case

Real-life Case

House in Algarve

Two floors, covered area: 400 m 2. Heated with radiant floor area: 400 m 2/AQS with 2 300 l reservoirs each with solar-thermal support;

Previously used gas only for sanitary water heating. Central heating system (AQC) was disconnected due to energy costs are too high;

Was installed a TERMIONIZE 46 k adjusted to a “comfort” temperature of 21° C, in gas boiler replacement, for realization of central heating and sanitary waters support;

Installation date: Nov/2011


Energy cost analysis

Because it is an installation of temporary use, on the basis of the data already obtained with the use of TERMIONIZE in this facility and also based on our experience with other facilities, it is estimated a reduction of about 50% in energy costs, compared to the gas heating system.

This facility it is possible to perform the starting and stopping of the TERMIONIZE via GSM, and monitor the temperature inside the housing.

Clinic in Viana do Castelo

Photo taken during an installation intended for the AQS, a physiotherapy clinic in Viana do Castelo.

Installation with a daily requirement of 500 l of water (dhw), at a temperature of 75;

27 TERMIONIZE with a Hidropi reservoir of 500 l.

Thanks to the use of a bi-counter clockwise, the heating is performed during the hours of emptiness and the water used during the day.

Installation date: January/2009


Energy cost analysis

45€/month, throughout the year, to 500 l of water for daily use at a temperature of 75.

House in Caminha

Two floors, covered area: 500 m 2. Heated area with radiators: called Casa con Estilo

New installation with 46 k TERMIONIZE adjusted to a “comfort” temperature of 19ºc and Economics 16ºc

Installation date: 2010


Energy cost analysis

Winter 2010/2011 260€/month during 5 months.

House in Batalha

Three floors, covered area of 210m2. Heated area with radiators: 210m2/AQS 200 l

New installation with TERMIONIZE 27 adjusted for comfort temperature of 19ºc and Economics 16ºc

Installation date: 2010


Energy cost analysis

Winter 2010/2011 $ 150/month considering the functioning of AQS and AQC, during the colder months 5; during the following months, about 13 €/month just for sanitary water heating.

House in Santo Tirso

A floor, covered area: 180 m 2. Heated area with radiators: 180 m 2/DHW with solar installation support-thermal and 300 l tank.

TERMIONIZE 27 in gas boiler replacement, adjusted to a “comfort” temperature of 21° C and 18° C economy.

Installation date: November/2009


Energy cost analysis

Consumption for AQC and AQS: 2 gas bottles 45 kg/month (on average throughout the year), corresponding to an annual energy cost of € 2,250, value calculated by taking into consideration the prices April/2012.

With 27 TERMIONIZE monitored with a power meter, an energy cost 870€ between April 2011 and April 2012.

House in Paredes de Coura

Two floors, covered area of 200 m 2. Heated area with radiators: 200 m 2/DHW solar installation with support-thermal and 200 l tank.

TERMIONIZE 27 adjusted for comfort temperature of 19ºc and 16ºc in economy mode, replacing diesel boiler.

Installation date: November/2008


Energy cost analysis

Diesel: 1700€/ano, indicative values considering the price per litre of diesel in April/2012.

With TERMIONIZE system: 980€/ano

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